Andrew Rosciszewski, Sonic Real Estate
Every day starts with the sun. And for me virtually every weekday starts with a new program of music to consider. For that to happen much of my week is spent in listening and relistening. It is worth it for the joy of following what is new. Today we have something slightly unexpected in the music of Andrew Rosciszewski, specifically a CD called Sonic Real Estate.

And the music? It is a rather nicely unusual kind of Post-Minimalism, a Radical Tonality kind of Modern. Not especially repeat-oriented, but poetic and expressive.
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review
Brilliant Grey-Sky Themes and Savage Irony From Andrew Rosciszewski
Bassist/composer Andrew Rosciszewski’s music vividly evokes his primary influence, Shostakovich, from a persistently grim, grey-sky sensibility to a devious, sometimes cruelly ironic sense of humor. Other obvious touchpoints are the terse minimalism of Gorecki and the phantasmagoria of Stravinsky. Rosciszewski’s richly dynamic new collection of chamber works, Sonic Real Estate, is streaming at Bandcamp. His deft use of false endings is unsurpassed: Beethoven would be jealous.
Lucid Culture
Interview with Polskie Radio WNVR 1030AM - WRDZ 1300AM / WRKL 910AM - WLIM 1580AM
Who Wouldn’t Go to Staten Island for Shostakovich?
In between, the world premiere of Rosciszewski’s String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 made not only a perfect segue but helped complete the circle; they’re essentially the missing links between the two other works on the bill, a homage to Shostakovich and Gorecki as well as a prime example of how a 21st century composer can springboard off their respective styles.
New York Music Daily
Musical Chairs Chamber Ensemble Presents All String Quartet Program - 2/11
Broadway World
Musical Chairs Chamber Ensemble Announces 2016-17 Season
Broadway World
Bluebird Reviews - Fantasie for Rock Band CD review
Most music tells a story. Andrew Rosciszewski's latest composition, Fantasie for Rock Band and Orchestra, with the Marimba Trilogy, "IS" the story. Andrew is a double bass player and composer from the NY/NJ area, classically trained, rock inspired. The history of the creation of this work includes a reflection of Deep Purple's, John Lord, the organist and composer of "Concerto for Group and Orchestra" in 1969. Yes and Metallica were also motivators to pair orchestral music with rock rhythm sequences. The unique challenge taken on by Andrew was his wish to completely integrate the rock band with the orchestra, and not just have the orchestra be an accompaniment. (Vincent Livolsi, Drums/Percussion/Marimba, liner notes). In my listening view, he has done exactly that and it is magnificent.
by Bluebird
The Record Stache - Fantasie for Rock Band CD review
I’ve always had this stereotype in my head about composers being uptight snobs who felt that no other genre could compare to orchestral music. Thankfully, Rebecca Brandt proved me wrong earlier this year with her album, Numbers & Shapes. Now, Andrew Rosciszewski has further shown me that composers do find inspiration in genres outside of classical compositions.
by Matt
The Daily Quirk - Interview
by Meghan H
Bayonne composer raises funds to make musical 'Fantasie' come true
By Summer Dawn Hortillosa / The Jersey Journal
Player Spotlight: Andrew Rosciszewski
by Corey Brown | Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
Trio of Staten Island music series: Startling not coddling
By Michael J. Fressola
Neat piece of hybrid-and-seek

Rock musicians and classical instrumentalists play for different teams in different leagues, and yet, they're interested in each other, curious, maybe even excited. They speak the same language, but with a different accent or idioms.

Or, that's how it seems until they actually get together. A hook-up either works or it's complicated, troublesome and not worth reprising. Musical Chairs Chamber Ensemble (MCCE) which marked its seventh anniversary last week with a concert at the Staten Island Museum, may have devised a helpful formula: Keep it small, cool and acoustic.

Its collaboration with composer/bassist Andrew Rosciszewski and percussionist Vincent Livolsi went unusually well. They joined MCCE members Tamara Keshecki (flute), Christine Kim (cello) and Maria Antonia Garcia (piano) for a two song section of "frail'ty," a piece by Rosciszewski's band, Eyes On Infinity.

The young composer is an experienced collaborator and the "frail'ty" numbers are relatively delicate, intelligent, fugue-like items in which precisely interwoven musical thoughts collide and interact. They were listener-friendly, but fresh, with a nice shimmer applied by the percussionist.
By Michael J. Fressola/The Staten Island Advance
Bayonne composer to perform in Staten Island chamber ensemble
By Toni-Ann Cerbo/The Jersey Journal
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